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Waste disposal and recycling
Contributing to the improvement of global environment
Construction of recycling society
Having the heart to appreciate the earth first, rather than decorating with the beauty
And believe that waste of resources and illegal dumping Next generation system
Development of equipment, manufacturing and operation system to solve environmental problem.


「Hydrothermal Treatment machine」

「Plastic to Oil machine」

Demand for 3D solid masks has increased as a safety measure against the world's most violent viruses, and we focus on the sales of our new fish-type mask manufacturing machine, and provide a service that allows you to feel secure in installation, maintenance and support.

The 7th China (Shanghai) International Technology Import & Export Fair Exhibitors Request from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) like About our hydrolysis equipment, we decided a lecture in English. 

China International Export Import and Export Association
It was decided by the adoption from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).Venue: Shanghai

Join the bungalesh business conference at UN University
Day time: April 16, 2019 (fire) 10:30-17:00
Venue: Reception Hall of the United Nations University building building
Jingu Mae, Shibuya ward, Tokyo Director: UNIDO Tokyo Office
Japan Trade Organization (jtro)

The base of wisdom
In Aichi Prefecture
Industrial Innovation (innovation)
Love to create industry and next generation industry
Creation and transmission of next generation manufacturing technology
The base of wisdom is developed as a base.
The experimentation of the hydrolysis apparatus was started. "

Installation of liquefaction equipment bp450n in Nara Prefecture

【2018.3   It has been adopted by the Aichi Energy Research Institute.

                 Http: / / www.pref.io.jp / soki / San Kagi / eria

 2018.2   UNIDO India mission participated.

2018.2   In the Indonesia business seminar held by JETRO, our Nagasawa lecture.

2017.2  】   I participated in the beast damage demonstration business in Chiba   Prefecture.             A pressure vessel (boiler) manufactured in Asian developing  countries has been recognized
   as Japan's JIS standard.

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